Paul Weir - Australia

“Hi Gary and Team, I have now had a season with my dry sump kit installed. All parts have performed flawlessly. The car is still running relatively low boost at 19 lbs and has 426 wheel horsepower. Thank for a great product and good service when I was purchasing." 

-Paul Weir (Mechanical Supervisor, WestWater, Australia)

Addl info as of 08-09-2017

Before using the dry sump set up I had many engines fail, all big ends, I think this was a lack of oil in the wet sump setup.  All was adressed with the Subaru ARE Dry Sump Kit you supplied, NO more big end failing.  Now I realize that there is a high amount of air emulsion in my oil and I am adding a Spintric....update on the Spintric to follow....




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