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IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION PLEASE READ....When placing an order, we require a written purchase order for anything more than 1-2 parts. 

Ordering can be done in an e-mail, but we require a new e-mail, separate from the rest, (please) with all the parts you need listed. E-mails are a great and vital part of the communication process when discussing and deciding back and forth, answering questions, quoting prices etc. HOWEVER, This results in a long paper trail and often items get added or subtracted through the e-mail discussions. Again, this is all a normal and great method. However, at the end, when you are ready to order, we need you to list the items. No one knows your engine, race car and your plans better than you. We can not be expected to remember a part that you asked about in the 3rd e-mail, for example. Please, start fresh, and itemize your order the way you see it. We will then create an invoice and send it to you. At that time, we both have a clear picture of your order. Of course, it can still be changed or altered.

Please help us handle your order better and more efficiently by doing this.

We will accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards with the following:
Full # on front of card
Expiration date
3 digit code on back (or 4 digit on front for AmEx) Complete billing address exactly as it is on credit card statement PHOTO of front and back of credit card          (MUST be legible)

Please... If we ask you for this just do it. WE WILL NOT SHIP YOUR ORDER UNTIL WE HAVE IT. It in no way is intended to insult your integrity.

We also accept payment by Pay-Pal with a verified Pay-Pal shipping address.

Today's environment makes this mandatory. 99% of RACERS are good honest people we love doing business with. Then there is that one percent.....giving us this information will stop any transaction delays and establish your credibility on future orders.

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